Gutter Screen

A gutter screen is a different type of gutter protection system. As opposed to a cover that is typically solid metal all the way across the top, gutter screens are typically a metal mesh made of aluminum, galvanized steel or copper designed to keep debris out and water flowing into the gutters. Gutter screens reduce the need for gutter cleaning, keeping them clog free. The screen catches the debris before it enters the gutter.

Gutter screens are typically much more affordable than solid gutter covers. Gutter screens typically do not require professional installation and the material costs are much lower. They can provide a practical, clog–free solution to keeping gutters clean. Gutter screens fit snugly into your existing gutters keeping out leaves, twigs, and other debris. They allow rainwater to flow freely to the gutter downspouts.

Gutter screens are low profile and not visible from the street. Some screens are of rigid construction, which will not sag or easily bend. Gutter screens also protect against snow and ice build up, which can be very destructive to gutters. Gutter screens are made of durable materials built to last for years.

While gutter screens may still allow some debris to collect on the screen, some types of gutter screens do not need to be removed for cleaning. Cleaning gutters is easy on the rare occasion it is needed. If gutter screens need to be removed for additional cleaning, they can be easily replaced.

No gutter protection system can make your gutters 100 percent maintenance free forever. Gutter screens provide a clean, more trouble–free gutter at a reasonable price. They are a practical, cost–effective solution to the expense and burden of regular gutter cleaning.