Gutter Brush

Having gutter protection professionally installed can be very expensive. The cost of labor and the service for just a few hours of work can be a real blow to a budget. Most of the different types of gutter protection you can install yourself. This includes gutter screens, gutter covers, gutter guards, and gutter filters. However, some companies include installation as part of their service or require installation by a licensed contractor or the warranty for their product is voided.

If you would like to save money and install your own gutter protection, there are several factors to keep in mind before performing an installation. Deciding which material to use can be difficult. Price, durability, how it performs in your home's environment, aesthetics, and ease of installation and removal are all important factors.

However, one product you should not use is plastic gutter covers. While they may be relatively inexpensive and are available at your local hardware store, plastic does not hold up well in extreme temperatures. If you live in a place with a hot summer sun, roof temperatures can reach 140 degrees. Plastic roof covers can get so hot that they warp. This destroys the functionality of the product.

If you wish to use a gutter cover, you should not purchase a flimsy type that still lets debris in. This is the worst–case scenario as not only are the gutter covers ineffective, they also make cleaning very difficult. If you wish to have the gutter professionally cleaned, it may cost you a substantial amount of money due to the labor costs involved with uninstalling and reinstalling the gutter covers.

Gutter screens or filters are easy to install. They generally do a good job of keeping debris out of gutters. Gutter screens will slow down the rate at which gutters need to be cleaned greatly. They do not close up the gutter system like gutter covers do, making future cleaning much easier. If you have gutter screens, gutter foam filters, or a gutter brush, some gutter cleaning companies will not charge an additional fee, as opposed to gutter covers.